U Vin Parties

Want to schedule a wine making experience better known as a U Vin where you become the Vintner/Winemaker?                 

  • Learn about the Hobby
  • Make your favorite wine for fun
  • Make your wedding favors or wine gifts
  • Celebrate an event for a wine lover
  • Fun group event with friends or for a team building event 

Each batch yields 30 bottles of custom labeled wine and classes last about 1.5-2 hr.


Your personal wine class consists of: 

  • Tasting wine
  • Deciding on the varietal you will be making
  • Wine making 101 where you learn about the tools for the trade and a history of wine.
  • Starting your 30 bottle batch 

Over the next 4-8 weeks your wine will be maintained by our winemaker.


If you are interested you can come in for the 1-2 additional steps prior to bottling.  Let our wine maker know if you want to do these steps when you start your batch and we can book those appointments.


When it's time for bottling (45min -1 hour per batch) with the assistance of our wine maker you will: 

  • Bottle 
  • Cork
  • Foil
  • Label your 30 bottle batch

Last but not least it will be time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


UVins are typically 1-6 people in size but larger groups can be accommodated. Please call for details.