Sgraffito with Gardenview Pottery at Vines to Cellar  Next Class $60.00 May 24, 2023 5-8PM 

In a three-hour workshop, students will learn the process of Sgraffito (carving in clay) and will carve their own design into a 6-8 inch small plate. 


All plates will be wheel-thrown and prepared with the black engobe and ready for carving at the perfect leather-hard state.  Students will come prepared with their design ideas and we will take the time to improve on those drawings.  


Students will have the opportunity to practice carving on a clay tile to get a feel for the touch. The image will be transferred to the plate using tracing paper and students will begin carving away what they do not want to be black.


All the pieces will then be dried for a week, then bisque fired and glazed to the color of your liking.  Students will pick up their plates in about two weeks at Vines to Cellar. 

If you have any questions please call 262-536-4544


All artists get an additional discount on all wine purchases on the day of their class. 

Have a great day and do some advance wine shopping with your artist discount.