Red Wines by the Glass and Bottle

Wine by the Glass $8.00

Wine by the Bottles $16.00-$18.00

AMCAN (Chilean  Malbec)

The Signature Variety of Chile.  It's robust and fruity with good structure and body with lush red and blackberry flavors and a touch of spice.  When you get to know CJ and Jim you will know how much they support the Military.

AMCAN was brought out on Veterans Day 2009 and the name stands for each of the 5 branches of service: Army (first of course), Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force and Navy.

  • Dry red Medium to full body and medium oak. 
  • Serve this big red with wild game and those big steaks.

Thanks to all that have served our County!


Jacob's  Ladder (Australian Cabernet/Shiraz)

Cabernet Sauvignon intensity compliments the fruity and chocolate Shiraz flavors for a rich, complex and hearty wine.  

  • Dry red wine, Heavy Oak, Medium to Full body. 
  • Great to serve with barbecued red meats. 

Pinot Noel (Pinot Noir)

An elegant, light to medium body wine with the flavors of cherry and spice.  

  • Dry red wine, Medium Oak, Light to Medium body.
  • Great to serve with veal and mushroom base menu. 

A Taste of Sydney (Australian Shiraz)

Wonderfully delicious, with startlingly rich, ripe aromas that deliver right through to the full, zesty finish. A very trendy varietal with rich fruit aromas and plenty of plums, cherries and blackberries with just the right hint of spice.  

  • Dry red wine, Heavy Oak, Medium to Full body.  
  • Great pairing for red meats and stews.

Erica the Red (Australian Cabernet Sauvignon)

Big and approachable in true Aussie style, this Cabernet from Down Under is a long-lasting, robust wine that will reward those with the patience to age it. A fruit-forward wine exploding with cherry, raspberry and black currant and just the right oak aging.  

  • Dry red wine, Medium Oak, Medium to Full body.
  • Great wine to serve with red meats.  

Garden of Eden (Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel)

Deep and rich with bold, zesty aromas and ripe berry fruit flavor. Robust and exciting, it bursts with a spiciness that is met head-on by the premium French Oak.

  • Dry red wine, Heavy Oak, Full body.
  • Great to serve with spicy meats, hot sausages and duck. 

Big Buck Red (Napa Valley Stag's Leap Merlot)

Harvested from the highly regarded Stag's Leap District. This Merlot is dry and medium-bodied with a soft, supple, fruity palate of plums and red berries. Its characteristic spicy aroma, accented with light oak, leads a rich, smooth and mouth-filling flavor experience.

  • Dry red wine, Heavy Oak, Full body.
  • Great with beef tenderloins and prime rib.

Nick a Rosa (Luna Rosa Red blend)

This bold, robust, mouth-filling delight is indeed the "king" of all red wines. A delightful blend of red wine grapes blended to please your palate.

  • Dry red wine, Medium Oak, Light to Medium body.
  • Great with medium-rare red meats and stews. 

Vino D'Amore (Barolo Nebbiolo)

This deep purple wine is known as the “WINE OF KINGS". Our full body mouth-filling taste of black fruits and rich oak flavors prove to you why it's the wine of kings.

  • Dry red wine, Medium Oak, Full body.
  • Great rich wine for rich foods like Ossobuco (braised veal) and stews.

Rapture of Venus (Italian Sangiovese)

This Italian Sangiovese has a cherry character with the strawberry notes and just a hint of violets and white pepper. The body has a smooth tannic finish with the right amount of toasted oaking.

  • Dry red wine, Medium Oak, Medium-Full body.
  • Pair this with Veal Parmesan, oil and garlic pasts

Cabelot (Cabernet Merlot blend)

This fine wine has the complexity of the Cabernet and the soft fruit-forward flavors of Merlot. The perfect harmony of wines in one glass.

  • Dry red wine, Medium Oaking, Medium-Full body.
  • Pair this one with red meats off the grill any time of the year.